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Headscarf Tutorial

so it’s no secret that i’m fond of headscarves and headbands… i feel they’re the easiest way to add a pop to any outfit, and a brilliant tool to cover those dreadful bad hair days =P so here is another headscarf tutorial using a long rectangular shaped scarf, the same one i used in the previous post, Le Bunny Bleu Oxfords, i hope you dig!

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start with a rectangular shaped scarf

fold once or twice so it becomes a thin strip

put it around your head

twist the two ends together once or twice (i like to do it twice)

pull the ends to the back and secure with one or two knots

done! how bloody easy was that huh?

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Vintage Paper Dolls

so how do you like the new header Patty designed? if you look closely you can see some paper dolls. when Patty first showed me her inspiration, i knew i had to make a post about vintage paper dolls ♥

i don’t know about you, but i have played with lots of paper dolls when i was growing up. too bad i lost them all along the way =( the first set is probably the closest to what i played with when i was little, deep-set eyes and way too skinny lol.

how cool? paper dolls with fashion from the 19th century. so much lace, so girly, so vintage ♥

30s comic strip Blondie!

Betsy McCall has tons of retro paper dolls from the 50s!

click the above picture to find the printable file. print on cardstock, cut and enjoy =)

much love for the lady-like clothes from the 60s, she even has a male companion ♥

how adorable are these hats? you can download the following two sets and print them out here: vintage paper dolls (pdf file)

BRUCE LEE paper doll (or should i say paper hero?)!! need i say more? click on the images to find the printable files. i already printed out a set myself =P

(via: westfieldcomicstpettit, commonthreadskingston, papergoodies, clubdelvintagetuscanroselikecool)

which one is your favorite?

How to tie a head scarf

hi lovelies! a lot of you probably know about my obsession with headscarves/ headwraps/headbands… i think adding a head scarf is such an easy way to make any outfit stand out. and because i’m in the process of growing out my hair these days, it is also a great way to cover up my awkward haircut lol. today i’ll be showing you how i tie my head scarves! it’s so simple i almost feel kind of silly doing this tutorial =P

step 1. you start off with a square scarf, even though i have like 10 headscarves i find myself always coming back to this vintage scarf. maybe because it’s got the most awesome patterns?
step 2. fold the scarf one corner to the other to form a triangle

step 3. then fold it several times until it becomes a long strip, i like mine to be about 10cm wide, you can fold the corner down (for a cleaner look) or the other way around (for a messy non-try-hard look, which i like)
step 4. place the centre of the stripe at the back of your head

step 5. take the two ends and make a knot in front of your forehead, i like to do two knots
step 6. tuck in the remaining ends so they can’t be seen

and you’re done!
easy no?

(photos by Ell)

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