Instagram 2011.11

bits and pieces of my past month on the beautiful island of Taiwan =)

1. Love Chiba Love Taiwan Exibition – a planking journey of two Japanese girls in Chiba

2. Yingge, a major centre for the production of pottery and ceramics

3. crafty business at ASUS

4. an early Easter egg was hatched =P

5. retro!

6. outdoor market at Huashan 1914 Creative Park

7. apparently darts bar & restaurant is a new trend in Taipei

8. my DIY Christmas trees are being shot for its magazine debut!

9. Cookie ♥

10. tweeted earlier this week… auntie gave me some Elensilia escargot original refreshing hydrogel masks! still working up the courage to give them a try =P

Vintage Japanese Sweater

how lovely is this vintage leaf pattern sweater? i’d like to think that the autumn leaves have fallen and landed on my sweater ♥

Johnny Cash – My Grandfather’s Clock

(Photos by Patty)

leaf pattern sweater: vintage (from Japan)

dress: from mom

wedges: Forever 21

shoulder bag: thrift

wool hat: vintage

Vintage Wool Jacket

so i set out one sunday afternoon determined to find a pair of new heels, and what did i bring home instead? yes you guessed it! this vintage wool jacket. sometimes such a combination of win/fail really boggles my mind =P

(Photos by Patty)

wool jacket: vintage

high waisted shorts: Liz Claiborne

peter pan collar shirt: Pins and Needles @ Urban Outfitters

shoulder bag: thrift

necklace: Rose Heart

fedora: Tim’s

wedges: Forever 21

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