seaward bound

irregular choice flats 平底編織鞋

yesterday I threw on some really comfortable clothes and went on a mini road trip. i miss taking road trips. and I miss driving. nothing like a little driving therapy, complete with awesome tunes, to cheer you up and make you hum. and one of the best things about road trips is that you never really know what to expect. the beauty of the things you see along the way can really overwhelm you sometimes. it feels like autumn has really come here now. the leaves are not quite turning yellow, but the nights are chilly, and it is usually dark by six-ish in the evening. these pictures were taken after the sun disappeared below the horizon. i really like the darkish shade the lack of sunlight caused the pictures to have.

i’ve had these irregular choice thatcher flats for so long now without wearing them so i just had to pull them out. i’m one of those weird creatures who doesn’t particularly care for shoes, but these were too cute not to get! the braided leather edging make them look like easter baskets!

charlotte ronson tank top, charlotte ronson 無袖背心, american apparel

garage leggings, garage clothing, 黑色內搭褲, 內搭褲穿搭

new look bag, new look 包包

Volcom hoodie, volcom 灰色連帽外套

台中,縣 清水鎮, 高美濕地, 海邊


london, england, irregular choice uk, irregular choice 英國, new look uk, new look clothing, new look 英國

(photos by ell)

volcom hoodie

charlotte ronson (manufactured by american apparel) tank top

garage leggings

irregular choice thatcher flats

new look bag

why can’t we look the other way?

BDG urban outfitters leggings 內搭褲

considering it’s still warm out during the day, i sort of had a layer fiesta today. was out and about all day so the blazer helped me keep warm in the evening chill. thats one of the best things about the weather getting cooler, you can pile on stuff like mad. you just wait and see when i pull out my heavy coats. god when is winter ever gonna come to this place?

tokidoki t-shirt


bow tie 蝴蝶結領帶

forever 21 blazer 西裝外套

tokidoki t-shirt

net shorts 短褲

(photos by ell)

tokidoki t-shirt

forever 21 boyfriend blazer

net black shorts

river island satchel

bow tie worn as bracelet

cuppy cakes

cupcake 杯子蛋糕

there are quite a few things that make me happy instantly: cupcakes, chocolates, good music, and fuzzy hugs. but the greatest of them all? cupcakes. i made some winner cupcakes yesterday. they top all the ones i’ve tried in taiwan. seriously, all those wannabes should come buy my recipe (or the recipe i got off the internet, for that matter)! anyways, i think i have a hot date with a giant cup of coffee right about now, i’m bringing the dessert.

cheapo dress 洋裝

coffee (this photo by annie)


(photos by ell except for the last one)

cheapo dress bought in taipei

BDG urban outfitters leggings

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