fallish railroads


i had a fabulous weekend (and monday)! it was filled with good food, long drives, lovely friends, cute presents, a cake, good conversations, lots of climbing, and plenty of laughters. how was your weekend? x

aldo bag 包包

olive des olive 針織外套

urban behavior skirt 短裙

Claire and Annie

(photos by ell)


bluenotes gray sweater with plaid shirt

bluenotes skirt

olive des olive red sweater

classified flats

Gucci bag


cable-knit jacket bought by mom

charlotte ronson (manufactured by american apparel) tank top

urban behavior skirt

joe fresh flats

aldo satchel

charmed, i’m sure


people usually underestimate what this little town can offer, but lugang is such a charming town. located in changhua, lugang used to be an important trading port. many old buildings and alleyways are kept in the same, yet crumbling, conditions as it was half a century ago. it’s really right up my alley. the red-tiled lanes are fascinating to me, but for some reason old abandoned houses are the most interesting.

vintage scarf 古董圍巾

Numph top 上衣


靴子購於倫敦 boots from london's camden town

Numph 長版上衣 dress top

aldo bag 包包


(photos by ell)

Nümph top

DEX top

garage leggings

boots bought in london’s camden town

aldo satchel

vintage scarf

what not to pack

Garage leggings 內搭褲

a friend asked why i always wear leggings and not jeans. well, it’s not that i don’t like wearing jeans. i usually wear leggings and tights because i only brought a pair of jeans with me when i came back to taiwan. i never pack jeans for my trips. they are heavy, take too long to dry, and take up too much space in your suitcase. leggings are comparably lighter, compact, and fast-drying. especially when you’re backpacking, or planning on doing a lot of hiking or trekking, you’ll regret bringing denim. i usually wear my jeans on the plane if i do decide to bring a pair with me, and i always opt for dark denim because it can be both casual and dressy.

here is another creation of mine, a crochet headband! i made it with my leftover yarn last winter back in vancouver. when i wore it out i got mixed reviews. i’m not too sure of it myself, but i’m still proud of it because i made it myself =) leave me a message and let me know whether you like it or not.

apt. 9 babydoll weater 毛衣

DIY 自製毛線頭套 selfmade crochet headband

urban outfitters scarf 圍巾

vintage bucket bag 古董水桶包

(photos by rc)

apt. 9 babydoll sweater

dress (nightgown) was a gift

garage leggings

vintage bucket bag

urban outfitters scarf

selfmade crochet headband

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