hey loves! so valentine’s day is coming… i know it’s uncool to admit that you like something as mainstream as valentine’s day but i have to say i’m quite fond of it. but not because of all the flowers, fancy dinners, and chocolates (ok maybe i do love the chocolate part). i dig valentine’s day because all the girls in taipei dress up! that makes great people-watching imo. i will probably be busy working on valentine’s day this year, but i came up with a valentine’s day outfit anyways… because why not? and i know it’s kind of a cliche to wear pink on valentine’s day but this boxy blazer makes it cool and relaxed, which i really appreciate. anyways i hope you dig and happy valentine’s day =)

Jon and Roy – Little bit of love

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blazer: H&M

lace collar shirt: vintage

shoulder bag: vintage

skirt: MEIER.Q

beanie: H&M

loafers: AIR SPACE

sweater guard: DIY/vintage