Headscarf Tutorial

so it’s no secret that i’m fond of headscarves and headbands… i feel they’re the easiest way to add a pop to any outfit, and a brilliant tool to cover those dreadful bad hair days =P so here is another headscarf tutorial using a long rectangular shaped scarf, the same one i used in the previous post, Le Bunny Bleu Oxfords, i hope you dig!

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start with a rectangular shaped scarf

fold once or twice so it becomes a thin strip

put it around your head

twist the two ends together once or twice (i like to do it twice)

pull the ends to the back and secure with one or two knots

done! how bloody easy was that huh?

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Le Bunny Bleu Oxfords

Le Bunny Bleu Oxfords

if you don’t already know, i have a weakness for oxfords. so when Le Bunny Bleu asked if i was interested in trying their shoes, i knew right away i would be trying out the oxfords. these are by far the sweetest pair of oxfords i have ever worn. and they have the cutest name too, Bunny in Wonderland! so how could i ever pass them up?

Le Bunny Bleu:

Shop Le Bunny Bleu:

Bunny in Wonderland Oxfords: Le Bunny Bleu

lace collar sweater: vintage

shoulder bag: New Look

braided charm bracelet: H&M

high waisted shorts: Liz Claiborne

ring: Forever 21

headscarf: vintage

DISCLAIMER: The oxfords were provided by Le Bunny Bleu. I will not receive any monetary compensation for including them in my post. All opinions expressed are mine.