alice in wonderland


check out these pretty outfits put together by b+ab, inspired by the characters from the movie “alice in wonderland”, starring johnny depp as mad hatter, helena bonham carter as the red queen, anne hathaway as the white queen, and mia wasikowska as alice ( i loved her in “in treatment”). the outfits and the hat worn by johnny depp himself were being displayed in hong kong’s new town plaza.

沙田新城市廣場 愛麗絲夢遊仙境


魔境夢遊服裝 Alice in Wonderland

魔境夢遊 強尼戴普 瘋帽子先生 mad hatter

魔境夢遊 Alice in Wonderland

魔境夢遊 Alice in Wonderland

(photos by ell)

this is hong kong ✈

香港歷史博物館 Hong Kong Museum of History

just arrived in hong kong last night. forgive me for my brain isn’t functioning because of the tiredness. look at some photos instead. more exploring to do tomorrow. woop!

urbanoutfitters scarf 圍巾

香港維多利亞港 Hong Kong Victoria Harbour

香港維多利亞港 Hong Kong Victoria Harbour

香港維多利亞港 Hong Kong Victoria Harbour

(photos by ell)

apt 9 babydoll sweater

net shorts

urban outfitters scarf

thrifted lesportsac look-alike bag

shida night market

台北師大夜市 shida night market

The Shida night market is a huge market spanning over a few blocks to house a wide spread of goods that can cater to every taste and requirement. The market spreads along the street next to the Taiwan Normal University and is naturally a favorite haunt for the university students. The market is a dense web of lanes that are lined with innumerable shops along their sides. Be it elegant restaurants, garment boutiques, or inexpensive wayside coffee shops, the market houses it all! (from asiarooms)



師大夜市 Laking 男生服飾店



凱曦工作室 二手衣的家 Cassie's studio

師大商圈 配件 路邊攤商家

in the playground 鞋店 鞋子
in the playground

小白兔唱片 white wabbit records

La Chika 服飾店 師大夜市
La Chika


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