so how do you like the new header Patty designed? if you look closely you can see some paper dolls. when Patty first showed me her inspiration, i knew i had to make a post about vintage paper dolls ♥

i don’t know about you, but i have played with lots of paper dolls when i was growing up. too bad i lost them all along the way =( the first set is probably the closest to what i played with when i was little, deep-set eyes and way too skinny lol.

how cool? paper dolls with fashion from the 19th century. so much lace, so girly, so vintage ♥

30s comic strip Blondie!

Betsy McCall has tons of retro paper dolls from the 50s!

click the above picture to find the printable file. print on cardstock, cut and enjoy =)

much love for the lady-like clothes from the 60s, she even has a male companion ♥

how adorable are these hats? you can download the following two sets and print them out here: vintage paper dolls (pdf file)

BRUCE LEE paper doll (or should i say paper hero?)!! need i say more? click on the images to find the printable files. i already printed out a set myself =P

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which one is your favorite?

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