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Lux dress 洋裝 from urban outfitters

this outfit is a bit of a staple at the moment. i’m finding the summer season fashion to be really hard to dress for and be inspired with. especially when the weather changes so dramatically all the time. anyways, i hope you are having a better weekend than mine my sweets x

forever 21 cardigan 針織外套

H&M leggings 內搭褲

Lux Urbanoutfitter dress 洋裝

Forever 21 毛衣外套

(photos by Patty)

Lux little black dress from urban outfitters

Forever 21 cardigan

H&M leggings

vintage bag

Flower peep toe flats

BAGGU giveaway

BAGGU reusable bags 環保袋

i always try to promote living green on this blog, therefore i was excited to find out that BAGGU Taiwan is offering two BAGGU reusable bags to readers of What Annie Wears! here is how to win a BAGGU resuable bag of your choice:

1) join What Annie Wears with Google Friend Connect (on the right hand side of the site), if you don’t have a G-mail account, join What Annie Wears’ Facebook Page!

2) Visit Baggu’s website, and leave me a comment here to let me know what color and size bag you would like to receive if you win the contest!

BAGGU website

Please note that this giveaway is open to readers in Taiwan only. (sorry guys, the team can only ship their bags within Taiwan!) This contest will end next Sunday 7/4 at 12 pm Taiwan Time. Two winners will be selected at random, and each will be able to choose their own color and size bag to be sent to them. Please make sure you leave your e-mail or a blog link with your comment so I can contact you.

BAGGU reusable bags 環保袋

條紋貝谷包 striped baggus

(Images courtesy of BAGGU)


Baggu reusable bags

Check out my new colorful reusable bags! these Baggu reusable bags are created in the same form as plastic bags, but they do the same job without harming the environment, not to mention they look way cooler than plastic bags. Each Baggu bag is made from 100% rip-stop nylon, holds about 50 lbs and is machine washable. They’re lightweight, easy to carry around and come in different colors and sizes.

Green is the new buzzword and the best way we can lower our carbon footprint is to start small. Plastic bags are not biodegradable, therefore can be found polluting our planet. Using one Baggu bag for a year will replace 300 to 700 disposable bags. So replacing plastic or paper bags with a functional reusable bag is one small thing we can all do to make a difference =)

visit Baggu: http://baggubag.com/

Baggu reusable bags 環保袋

Raffaello Bettini beanie hat 毛帽

Baggu reusable bags 環保袋

Baggu reusable bags 環保袋

Baggu reusable bags 環保袋

pink BAGGU bag 粉紅色購物袋

Baggu Striped Reusable Shopping Bag 條紋環保袋

Baggu reusable bags 環保袋

(photos by ellu)

Numph dress

Raffaello Bettini beanie

All Black oxfords

Baggu reusable bags

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