hi lovelies! a lot of you probably know about my obsession with headscarves/ headwraps/headbands… i think adding a head scarf is such an easy way to make any outfit stand out. and because i’m in the process of growing out my hair these days, it is also a great way to cover up my awkward haircut lol. today i’ll be showing you how i tie my head scarves! it’s so simple i almost feel kind of silly doing this tutorial =P

step 1. you start off with a square scarf, even though i have like 10 headscarves i find myself always coming back to this vintage scarf. maybe because it’s got the most awesome patterns?
step 2. fold the scarf one corner to the other to form a triangle

step 3. then fold it several times until it becomes a long strip, i like mine to be about 10cm wide, you can fold the corner down (for a cleaner look) or the other way around (for a messy non-try-hard look, which i like)
step 4. place the centre of the stripe at the back of your head

step 5. take the two ends and make a knot in front of your forehead, i like to do two knots
step 6. tuck in the remaining ends so they can’t be seen

and you’re done!
easy no?

(photos by Ell)

for outfit details see here

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