wow, i live here

_MG_4629 - Version 3 (Medium)

so i have been in the area 3 times already but this is the first time i actually went in to the museum of fine arts. i sure do love it there. i definitely want to visit again soon. feeling a bit meh right now, but i find that i’m having “wow, i live here” moments randomly. it’s kind of awesome really. therefore, my reminder.

_MG_4660 - Version 3 (Medium)

_MG_4675 - Version 2 (Medium)

_MG_4663 - Version 3 (Medium)

_MG_4731 - Version 4 (Medium)

_MG_4683 - Version 3 (Medium)

(photos by ell)

charlotte ronson (manufactured by american apparel) tank

guess denim vest

skirt and headband made by me

miss sixty bag

flower peep toe flats

Bohemian Like Me Too!

taipei 台北

i know i know. this is an old outfit. i’m not crazy or anything. i’ve been away this weekend. it was jam packed with you know… all that normal life stuff you do every day. and that is why i don’t have anything new to show you just yet. i hope i don’t fall out of the habit of posting reguarly because it’s hard to get back into the rhythm once you do. anyways, i was flipping through the folders and stumbled upon these photoshop’d outfit pictures from bohemian like me. i figured they deserve to be seen as much as the original photos. i love the vintage and fallish look to them and think that ell did an awesome job. i also want to take this opportunity to say that i really appreciate everyone who checks in on this blog and love each and every comment you guys take the time to write. lots of hugs and kisses x

nice claup top 上衣

DIY headband 髮帶

original post/pictures can be seen here

bohemian 波西米亞 hippie 嬉皮

(photos by ell)

girl in the t-shirt


no matter how large my wardrobe gets,
i consistently choose to neglect 90% of it. i wear some variation on the classic formula of t-shirt/leggings/jeans/shorts all the time, and this problem has become a constant battle in my life. i would contemplate on a floral dress, a shirt, or maybe a cute skirt, for the longest time. finally i would get fed up with myself and end up throwing on whatever t-shirt that is washed. but that’s okay. i wear a t-shirt every day because t-shirts are fabulous. they are the ultimate item of clothing for lazy people. if you’ve got a cool t-shirt on, you’re basically making a statement saying “i look fly and i don’t even have a try”. no joke.

Forever 21 t-shirt

Moschino belt / 皮帶

ZU wedge / 低跟鞋

new look bag / 包包

gap shorts / 短褲


(photos by ell)

gap shorts

forever 21 t-shirt

moschino vintage belt

new look bag

ZU wedges

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