Le Bunny Bleu Julie Walkers

it’s time to bring them boots out y’all ♥

Le Bunny Bleu:

Julie Walkers booties: gifted by Le Bunny Bleu

sweater: vintage

shoulder bag: Groundcover

mustache necklaceForever 21

wide brim hat: Black Poppy

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Fall in Vancouver

vancouver makes me go brrrrrrrr! so i had to ditch those pretty coats sitting in the closet, and opt for something more practical… such as this casual outdoor jacket from Pacific Trail =) then to make this look a little bit feminine, i wore some patterned tights and a short black skirt. to tie it all in, some old trusty comfortable booties i re-discovered in my cabinet, and a beanie, a must-have for the cold vancouver months!

(photos by Patty)

tee & bracelet: Sweets Shop

jacket: Pacific Trail

short skirt: GUESS

cross ring & beanie: Forever 21

booties: Camden Town