_MG_4629 - Version 3 (Medium)

so i have been in the area 3 times already but this is the first time i actually went in to the museum of fine arts. i sure do love it there. i definitely want to visit again soon. feeling a bit meh right now, but i find that i’m having “wow, i live here” moments randomly. it’s kind of awesome really. therefore, my reminder.

_MG_4660 - Version 3 (Medium)

_MG_4675 - Version 2 (Medium)

_MG_4663 - Version 3 (Medium)

_MG_4731 - Version 4 (Medium)

_MG_4683 - Version 3 (Medium)

(photos by ell)

charlotte ronson (manufactured by american apparel) tank

guess denim vest

skirt and headband made by me

miss sixty bag

flower peep toe flats

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