bohemian like me

nice claup top, nice cluap 上衣, nice claup, hippie top, 嬉皮風上衣

those who know me know that i have a little bit of a hippie in me.
i recycle, i use public transport (as much as possible), i sew and knit (when i feel like it), i love peace and freedom, i try to eat organic and locally. i’m a part time vegan/vegetarian and i try to spread the word on the benefits of doing all these things. so one day i figured… why not dress like a hippie too? okay maybe not really a true hippie, but a modern one?

嬉皮風穿搭, 波希米亞風穿搭, hippie style, bohemian style

shorts bought at wu fen pu, wufenpu,  短褲購於五分埔

bohemian like me, 自製, DIY, self made, headband, 髮飾, 嬉皮風配件

river island bag, river island 包包, paul smith platform sandals , paul smith 高跟涼鞋, paul smith shoes, paul smith 鞋子

(photos by ell and annie)

nice claup top

shorts bought at wufenpu in taipei

paul smith platform sandals

river island convertible satchel

DIY hairband

vintage scarf

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i wear FOTC

flight of the conchords t-shirt, 上衣, flight of the conchords t-shirt, 痞客二人組, HBO

it is september. holy crap! where has the year gone? i know i’ve been busy, but the time sure has flown. so much has happened lately. i wish i could slow down the good stuff and speed up the bad. well, if i’m really wishing, i would want to eliminate the bad entirely, replacing it with all good all the time. anyways, it looks like my next week will be spent catching up on things i neglected for the longest time. i’m such a bad slacker, i know. but here is a lazy-day-off outfit that is easy to wear to get me through all the errands and chaos x

forever 21 jeans, forever 21 牛仔褲, 長褲, denim, forever 21

flight of the conchords t-shirt

roberto vianni sunglasses and aldo bag

(photos by ell and annie)

flight of the conchords t-shirt

forever 21 jeans

thrifted belt

joe fresh flats

roberto vianni sunglasses

aldo satchel

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a walk in the park

a walk in the park

the hardest thing to get used to after coming back to taiwan is the humidity. but i must say that it doesn’t rain as much as vancouver. however hot and humid, the appearance of sunshine is always the tonic for my soul, since we don’t get heaps of that in vancouver. i wonder if i will start to get wary of the continuing sunshine. that will be taking the lack of rain and gloom for granted.



(photos by ell)

free ctv mcdreamy t-shirt

urban behavior skirt

BDG urban outfitters legging

vintage bucket bag

forever 21 sunglasses

rita’s shoes

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