flight of the conchords t-shirt, 上衣, flight of the conchords t-shirt, 痞客二人組, HBO

it is september. holy crap! where has the year gone? i know i’ve been busy, but the time sure has flown. so much has happened lately. i wish i could slow down the good stuff and speed up the bad. well, if i’m really wishing, i would want to eliminate the bad entirely, replacing it with all good all the time. anyways, it looks like my next week will be spent catching up on things i neglected for the longest time. i’m such a bad slacker, i know. but here is a lazy-day-off outfit that is easy to wear to get me through all the errands and chaos x

forever 21 jeans, forever 21 牛仔褲, 長褲, denim, forever 21

flight of the conchords t-shirt

roberto vianni sunglasses and aldo bag

(photos by ell and annie)

flight of the conchords t-shirt

forever 21 jeans

thrifted belt

joe fresh flats

roberto vianni sunglasses

aldo satchel

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