if you don’t already know, i have a weakness for oxfords. so when Le Bunny Bleu asked if i was interested in trying their shoes, i knew right away i would be trying out the oxfords. these are by far the sweetest pair of oxfords i have ever worn. and they have the cutest name too, Bunny in Wonderland! so how could i ever pass them up?

Le Bunny Bleu:

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Bunny in Wonderland Oxfords: Le Bunny Bleu

lace collar sweater: vintage

shoulder bag: New Look

braided charm bracelet: H&M

high waisted shorts: Liz Claiborne

ring: Forever 21

headscarf: vintage

DISCLAIMER: The oxfords were provided by Le Bunny Bleu. I will not receive any monetary compensation for including them in my post. All opinions expressed are mine.

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