it was raining when the pictures were taken. brace yourself, because that’s Vancouver for the next 5 or 6 months!

how rad is this vintage camera? it doesn’t work anymore but i still love it =P so here i’m carrying Patty’s canvas tote she got from Front & Company. it was on the mannequin in front of their famous window display for the longest time! Front & Company was selling it as a Ceci Est Un IT BAG from Longchamp, however on the front of the bag it says “Apparition” instead of “Longchamp”. well not that it matters because we both think it is a really cute bag and it didn’t cost that much. but anyone has any idea what happened there?

(photos by Patty)

Patty’s canvas tote from Front & Company / French Connection coat / Pins & Needles skirt from Urban Outfitters / Sisley scarf / boots from Japan

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