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Dancing to: Geographer and the Weepies. and guess what? i’m listening to Leehom as well! a lot of you might not know him, but he’s huge in Taiwan!
Watching: the Wimbledon Championships. A lot of youtube videos. Nigahiga is my favourite atm, so funny!
Reading: I can’t seem to finish reading a book these days. what i do is i pick books up off the floor, read for 2 minutes and then toss them across the room.
Bizarrely passionate about: Nail polish and learning self defense.
Celebrity crush: Lu Yen-hsun, the Taiwanese tennis play that defeated Andy Roddick. I’m pretty sure I saw him play at Wimbledon 2 years ago. wait, he counts as a celebrity right?
Wanting: I still want that road trip… and uh money lol.

Happy Birthday Canada. Here’s to another 143 years!

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