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Aldo satchel 包包

patty took these photos for me last week before the temperatures rose through the roof here in Vancouver. also before I went for a bike ride and fell on my butt (EPIC FAIL LOL). now I have this massive bruise on my knee and my whole body is sore. i’m still loving the sunny weather and can’t wait to go bike riding again! in the meantime i will be heading to the beach to work on a tan weeeeee!

Forever 21 cardigan 針織外套

短褲購於台北五分埔 shorts wufenpu

Irregular Choice thatcher flats 平底編織鞋

Charlotte Ronson tank top 背心

(photos by Patty)

Charlotte Ronson tank top

Forever 21 cardigan

shorts bought at wufenpu in taipei

Irregular Choice thatcher flats

Tiffany & Co. ring

Forever 21 bow ring

DIY T-shirt dress

DIY Levi's T-shirt dress

So I stumbled upon this brilliant tutorial to turn an oversized t-shirt into a summer dress. Watch it here: DIY How to Make an Easy Shirt Dress. Isn’t it the most awesome idea? Turning an unwanted t-shirt into something that is wearable is like giving a new life to an old item. The best thing is that you don’t even have to sew! This is one of the reasons I love being part of the blogosphere, to gain inspirations from some very chic ladies. Weeee! So with this outfit, I’m using my brother’s old Levi’s t-shirt. If you don’t have a brother, raid your boyfriend’s closet instead =P

Ta-Da! Are you going to experiment with this dress? Or do you have your own DIY projects? If you do, upload a picture on What Annie Wears’ Facebook page. Show everyone how you rock this dress or share your own creations!

Levi's T-shirt 上衣

ruffle vest 荷葉皺褶背心

Vivienne Westwood bracelet 手鍊

Levi's T 恤改成洋裝

t-shirt dress

Forever 21 bow ring 蝴蝶結戒指

Forever 21 heels 高跟鞋

(photos by Patty)

Levi’s T-shirt turned dress

ruffled vest from taipei

Vivienne Westwood ORB safety pin bracelet

Forever 21 bow ring and heels

vintage shoulder bag

Forever 21 haul

Forever 21 spring bouquet ring 戒指

hello my sweets! so here are couple of the items from my haul at forever21.com! as much as i don’t like to admit it, forever 21 is actually a great place to get affordable but oh-so-cute pieces when you don’t have a big budget. and they have a massive selection of sunglasses and cute jewelry! i have been wanting a chunkier yet still feminine ring for the longest time, and this spring bouquet ring was perfect. i also got this lace back panel top in cream, and loving the detailing on the back of the top, so pretty! i think i will be wearing a lot of forever 21 this summer because of this haul, will show you more soon x

Heritage 1981 lace top

forever 21 lace back panel top

Forever 21 蕾絲上衣

(photos by Patty)

Heritage 1981 lace back panel top

Forever 21 spring bouquet ring

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