food porn ✈

香港美食 hong kong

it’s been a hectic month. i moved multiple times, from city to city, from apartment to apartment, and in less than one month i’m going to have to move again. i think i may have a tiny bit of insomnia because it always takes me forever to fall asleep these days, my brain just wont shut down when i tell it to. what is happening to me? ok, i won’t subject you to more of my doom and gloom… watch some food porn instead!

香港雲吞麵 wonton noodles hong kong

蘭芳園 中環 central hong kong

澳門南屏雅敘 macau

炒飯 very yummy fried rice

澳洲牛奶公司 australian dairy company

澳門南屏雅敘 通粉

澳洲牛奶公司 蛋白燉鮮奶 australian dairy company

沙田某家茶餐廳 cafe in shatin

飲茶 點心 鳳爪 yumcha dim sum

西貢咖啡餅店 saikung cafe & bakery


(photos by ell, claire, and moi)

horse racing at happy valley ✈

香港賽馬會 HKJC

hong kong horse racing season runs from september through july (it’s too hot in the summer). there are generally two or three meets a week, with weekend day races at the course in shatin, and wednesday night races at the smaller course in happy valley.

we went to the race on wednesday night at happy valley (HKD$10 to get in, you can use the octopus card). there you see people with newspapers in hand, groups of investment bankers, with their ties loosened, holding pints. the excitement was infectious! we bought once, based on statistics and the name of the horse lol. but then of course he or she didn’t win. overall it was an incredible experience. if you have never been to the hong kong jockey club racetrack then you should definitely go.

跑馬地賽馬場 happy valley horse race

香港跑馬地賽馬場 hong kong happy valley horse racing course

香港賽馬會 hong kong jockey club

香港跑馬地賽馬 HKJC

香港賽馬會 HKJC

(photos by ell)

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Macau’s old and new ✈

澳門大三巴牌坊 the ruins of st. paul's macau

i was in macau for one day. it’s such a great place to visit, there were just so many things to appreciate in the small alleyways and winding passages. it made me think about the time i spent in greece. sorry. nostalgia is never pleasant for anyone except for the party involved. anyways, it’s interesting how the old and the new come together in macau, the contrast really makes you wonder how the locals deal with it.

澳門大炮台 macau travel

澳門 macau

banana republic scarf 圍巾

澳門新葡京酒店 grand lisboa macau

澳門 macau

澳門街角 macau

numph dress/top 洋裝/上衣

wynn and mgm grand macau

澳門街景 macau street

(photos by ell)

Nümph dress

DEX top

banana republic scarf

thrifted lesportsac look-alike bag

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