muff up!

圍巾購於 urbanoutfitters, scarf urbanoutfitters

it’s been really cold here lately. i layered a bunch of gray pieces under this vintage coat to keep warm, too bad you can’t see them in these pictures. i found this heavy vintage coat in the closet of the room i grew up in and absolutely love it. though i’m wondering if it belonged to mom or dad, or maybe grandma or grandpa? before i find out it will keep me from the freezing wind outside =) every time i wear my earmuff out on the street, everyone looks at me weird or tells me that I look funny. only occasionally someone will comment that it’s cute. but i wear it because i hate it when the wind blows so hard it hurts your head, does that happen to you too?


復古 古董大衣 vintage coat

復古 古董大衣 vintage coat

復古 古董大衣 vintage coat

禦寒耳罩購於溫哥華 earmuff

earmuff bought in vancouver

vintage coat found in my closet

urban outfitters scarf

kung hei fat choy

新年快樂 恭喜發財 happy new year, kung hei fat choy!

happy lunar new year! to you and all the wonderful people around you, kung hei fat choy! i wish for you all the good things the universe can offer and as much love as your heart can possibly hold.

music is my boyfriend

hollister t-shirt

so i know i haven’t been posting, but it’s only because i’m out enjoying this place and spending time with awesome people around me =) i missed my fender back in vancouver so much i bought a second hand guitar when i was in taipei, but then after moving to taichung i have been without a guitar until recently!

格子趣買的音樂符號鑰匙圈 8th note key-chain

yamaha guitar 吉他

hollister t-shirt (i stole)

8th note key chain bought at check fun in taipei

geeky glasses bought in yilan

yamaha guitar (i borrowed)

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