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碎花洋裝 vintage inspired dress

didn’t have much time so i just took a few quick shots. yesterday i wore dress and leggings and a simple black cardigan and felt just right. i love bright colors, but when winter rolls around,  i become a big neutrals person. earthy green, pretty mauves, muddy roses, with lots of black and grey. they make me feel calm and at ease, which are qualities i find more and more valuable the more complicated life gets.

zara cardigan 針織外套

what annie wears, taichung, 台中

zara cardigan

vintage inspired dress bought in taipei

aldo bag

it’s in the wind ✈

七星潭, 花蓮東部海岸, Chihsingtan Beach in hualien county

i packed extra light for this backpacking trip, which means one bag, no laptop, no fancy clothing pieces, and no more than one pair of shoes. therefore i don’t really have an outfit to show you. i’m very anal retentive when it comes to packing that i hardly ever forget anything, but this time i did make two mistakes. for one, i forgot to sync my ipod. that’s a huge deal because it was really hard to live without my new found favourite the decemberists for a week. i also made a mistake thinking that it would be warmer in the east coast. boy was i wrong!

other than a couple days of rain, the east coast was rad. i loved the clean air and water, taroko gorge, the waterfalls, the hot springs, the beach, the sceneries, being close to some of the animals, and of course, the food. even the train rides were pleasant. there were just so many things to appreciate. dammit i wish i was back there right now!

五峰旗瀑布, 礁溪, 宜蘭, yilan, waterfalls

小野柳, 台東海岸, taitung

太魯閣峽谷, 花蓮, taroko gorge, hualien

烏石港, 宜蘭

little birdy, 五峰旗瀑布, 礁溪, 宜蘭

花蓮之旅, hulien, travel




i’m back!


i’m back! boy was that an awesome trip! i saw many wonderful things and had some great local food. didn’t get to buy anything though. mainly because there weren’t much to buy. taipei is where it’s at when it comes to shopping. still there are a few fabulous boutiques to check out in yilan and hualien. i will be back very soon to tell you all about my trip!


宜蘭羅東夜市服飾店 luodong night market shopping



miuna 宜蘭羅東夜市服飾店

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