Garage leggings 內搭褲

a friend asked why i always wear leggings and not jeans. well, it’s not that i don’t like wearing jeans. i usually wear leggings and tights because i only brought a pair of jeans with me when i came back to taiwan. i never pack jeans for my trips. they are heavy, take too long to dry, and take up too much space in your suitcase. leggings are comparably lighter, compact, and fast-drying. especially when you’re backpacking, or planning on doing a lot of hiking or trekking, you’ll regret bringing denim. i usually wear my jeans on the plane if i do decide to bring a pair with me, and i always opt for dark denim because it can be both casual and dressy.

here is another creation of mine, a crochet headband! i made it with my leftover yarn last winter back in vancouver. when i wore it out i got mixed reviews. i’m not too sure of it myself, but i’m still proud of it because i made it myself =) leave me a message and let me know whether you like it or not.

apt. 9 babydoll weater 毛衣

DIY 自製毛線頭套 selfmade crochet headband

urban outfitters scarf 圍巾

vintage bucket bag 古董水桶包

(photos by rc)

apt. 9 babydoll sweater

dress (nightgown) was a gift

garage leggings

vintage bucket bag

urban outfitters scarf

selfmade crochet headband

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