i get inspired by my lovely friends (both guys and girls) a lot A LOT. that’s why i’ve been wanting to do style profiles of some of my best muses! first up is Jim, a friend of mine for almost 10 years! i think it’s safe to say that if i were a guy, i’d most likely want to dress like him. everything looks more expensive when he wears it (i envy).

here’s a short interview…

style you dig?

i love wear & tear.

what’s the one item you cannot live without?

jeans, i go everywhere in jeans.

where do you shop?

i don’t really shop, i buy because my last one is too torn.

what are you watching?

adventure time , one piece

artists you dig?

jimi hendrix, shiina ringo, crowd lu

= outfit deets =

hooded jacket: H&M

jeans: levi’s skinny fit

glasses: night market

shirt: jim’s dad

shoulder bag: taipei’s ximending

steel toes: timberland

belt: taiwan

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