Instagram 2011.10

bits and pieces of 2011. 10 =)

1. Betsey Johnson heart shaped tights, which i ripped… damn so clumsy =(

2. Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia, i luff it ♥

3. Tokachi Japanese has the best nabeyaki udon, no joke!

4. visiting the pumpkin patch

5. Value Village’s massive Halloween costume sale

6. an awesome night at the The Media Club

7. Patty visited Disneyland and brought back this adorable Minnie Mouse bow keychain ♥

8. i lost the Sony Cyber-shot that’s been with me for the past 3 years, time to save up for a new camera =(

Lace Collar Sweater

if you follow me on twitter, you might know that i’ve been buying LOTS of sweaters this summer. yes even when it was 30°C outside! well i finally get to wear those sweaters now weeeeee! this is one of my favorites because of its sweet lace collar. and just you wait because i have MANY MORE to show you =P

The Features – Wooden Heart

(Photos by Patty)

lace collar sweater: vintage

denim shorts: Song Denim @ Off the Wall

shoulder bag: Miztique

oxfords: London’s Camden Town

straw hat: from Greece

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