how awesome are these photos by Patty? though you can’t really see what i’m wearing (except for my neverending love for headscarves), i do love how these photos turned out!

so the giveaways are finally on their way! first one already started: Win Lioele Cosmetics. there will be 5 giveaways in total, including one that’s coming from me! since that giveaway won’t be up till the end of this month, i still have time to make some purchases. i’m also open to suggestions on what prizes to get! so leave a comment below (on wordpress or with your facebook account) and let me know what you would like to see in my anniversary giveaway! i really hope you will like all the gifts we’re offering, they are little tokens of appreciation. while i can’t give each and everyone of you lovely reader a gift, i really do want you to know how much i appreciate your visits and support! THANK YOU ♥

Priscilla Ahn – Dream

anyone on Grooveshark? if you are, please add me here: Grooveshark (account name is annielollapalooza) so i can steal your awesome library! you’re welcome to mine too of course =)

(photos by Patty)

pastel pink top: vintage

headscarf: vintage

sunglasses: vintage

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