t-shirts to me is a no-brainer in the summer, just like picking flats over heels when you are about to walk 5 miles. back when i first started this blog, in one of my very first outfit posts i wore a cute Flight of the Conchords tee i got in New York. it’s quite fitting that i’m wearing this new Flight of the Conchords tee 2 years after. no? it’s too bad that HBO cancelled the show, i really enjoyed it =(

excuse the messy headscarf. i tried to take pictures for a headscarf tutorial without a mirror and i couldn’t see what i was doing lol… but if you’re interested in how i tie my headscarf please check back in couple days i’ll have that posted.

kisses x

Flight of the Conchords – Friends

(photos by Ell)

Flight of the Conchords T-shirt: American Apparel (Thanks Jim ♥)

dress (as skirt): Dressup

headscarf:  vintage

shoulder bag: thrift

oxfords: London’s Camden Town

nails: H&M Lovely Pastel + Wet n Wild Dreamy Poppy

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