hello my sweets! since my blog turns 2 this month, i feel this is a good time to round up all the awards i was much blessed to have received throughout the year. my sincere apologies to the very lovely bloggers who have passed on the awards to me, this post is long overdue! i thank you from the bottom of my heart.

The Stylish Blogger award from H Rija

Blogger Award 2011 from Rinny

One Lovely Blog Award from Jewellery Bijou

One Lovely Blog Award from Tezza

A Blog With Substance Award from cocoabee

The Versatile Blogger Award from fashion dujor

and now to spread some love to fellow bloggers… because you are all so awesome!

Andrea from desdeeltropico.com

Jess from stylepint.com

Lenne from aetienne.net

Liana from fashionbag411.blogspot.com

Thy from petitechouxx.blogspot.com

MizzJ from highmaintenancewoman.blogspot.com

Rinny from rinnysbeautydiary.com

Liz from odetoawe.com

Harija from mylyfe-mystory.blogspot.com

Jody from silkybow.blogspot.com

sydney from sydsense.blogspot.com

Mei from icepandora.blogspot.com

turtle from brutalturtle.blogspot.com

Christel from selenite.weebly.com

blog abril moda abrilmoda.com

Luchie from luchielicious.co.cc

Ania from aniawritings.blogspot.com

if you have been leaving comments regularly this past year but i’ve missed you, i swear it’s a complete oversight and i’m terribly sorry! i almost didn’t post this because i know i’m bound to miss someone… please do let me know and i promise i’ll add your name here! if you have been a long time reader but never comments, i thank you all the same and would love to get to know you too! please don’t be shy, i would very much appreciate it if you could gimme a shout some time =)

now i’m going to open a bottle of bubbly and pour a glass or two, won’t you come on down and join me? x

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