some things new, some things love…

The Call – Let the Day Begin

Kalimba from New York / The Call “Into the Woods” vinyl

you know how expecting mothers buy baby clothes before the baby even gets here? well, that’s sort of how I am with vinyl records… I don’t have a turntable yet, but buying records nonetheless.

Couture Couture by Juicy Couture fragrance / Elf Studio blush in pink passion

Vichy Thermal Spa Water / Spectro HydraCare facial moisturizer

consider this an update of my skincare routine?

still much love for my Essie Mint Candy Apple

Joseph Marc geeky glasses / Rose Heart charm bracelet

when I’m not out riding my bike, I geek out in these glasses =P

Lioele Blooming Lip Gloss courtesy of Lilies Shop / Physicians Formula eye booster 2-in-1 lash boosting eyeliner serum

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