boy do i suck at coming up with post titles! sorry for not being more creative =P

so i have always liked wearing hats, i have quite a collection even though only a few of them get to be worn. but lately i have been obsessed with using scarves as headbands. i think headscarves make everyday outfits look more interesting, especially when you wear a brightly colored headscarf with a neutral outfit. here i paired a nautical top (love the back collar… i wonder if there’s a name for it) with a casual black skirt, and made my gold Coach scarf into a headband. i have never seen nautical paired with anything gold, so i thought it’d be fun to try =) what do you think?

btw little Andre passed by when we were taking pictures next to the railway track. say hi!

Snakes Say Hisss! – I Control the Wind

(photos by Ell)

short skirt: Talula @ Aritzia

nautical knit top: Liz Claiborne

headscarf: Coach

shoulder bag: thrift

ring & wedges: Forever 21

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