finally summer arrives with a length of lights… here are some of my essentials!

Animal Collective – Summertime Clothes

1. hats! I, for one, cannot live without them! this Forever 21 cowgirl hat is so fitting for summer.

2. every summer my Miss Sixty bag comes out from underneath my bed and goes to the top of my bag pile.

3. cool drinks. for many Canadians the drink of choice for the summer would be Tim Hortons’ iced capp… or beer for some =P

4. Lioele Fresh Sun Screen SPF 45 PA++ (courtesy of Lilies Shop), i first saw a review on Millous‘ blog and been wanting to try it since! it’s lightweight enough for your face and has a lovely floral scent. i cannot stress how important sunscreen is, as i’m sure many of you already know… i urge everyone to check out EWG’s sunscreen guide!

5. bright color tees!

6. Massimo Dutti sandals and heart-shaped sunglasses… ahhh summer ♥

7. light and fresh colors, both on your nails and lips. my favorite nail color right now is Essie’s mint candy apple, and for lips, Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss in cashmere pink.

8. you should go outside and enjoy the sun now! yes, NOW!

(photos by Ell)

what are YOUR summer essentials?

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