even though i already have a drawer full of high waisted shorts, i simply could not say no to these lavender colored ones when i saw them at the thrift store 

Miniature Tigers – The Wolf


Limited! Handmade Mustache Ring

I’m selling my own DIY mustache ring for fun. I have enough material to make a few more if anyone’s interested. I am not, by any means a professional jewelry maker. This is just something I’ve created for myself to wear. If you happen to like it and don’t mind that it’s not a perfect piece of jewelry, feel free to write me at whatanniewears [@] gmail.com or leave a comment below =)

(photos by Ell)

high waisted shorts: thrfited @ Salvation Army

blouse: Zara

wedges: Forever 21

bag: Miss Sixty

mustache ring: handmade by me!

straw boater hat: Claire’s

nails: Essie Mint Candy Apple

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