I hope you all find my Thrfit Store Shopping Tips useful, today we step back to look at some reasons to shop at thrift stores. Of course most of these reasons apply to flea markets, garage sales, and vintage boutique shopping as well.

1. it’s environmentally friendly

i hate to repeat myself all the time, but yes shopping at thrift stores means you are purchasing an existing item, therefore decreasing the demand and production of new items being made, which in term helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions. At the same time you are giving new life to an old item that would otherwise become garbage.

2. variety

not only thrift stores offer a broad range of products, you can often find rare items you can’t get anywhere else! vintage jewelry, discontinued products, and brands unavailable in your city are just some of the things you CAN find at your local thrift stores.

3. it’s cheap

obviously… duh!

4. not everything is second-hand

merchants often donate new goods to thrift stores, to clear out warehouse space and to claim a tax write-off. also, people often buy things on impulse and never end up wearing or using them (GUILTY!), you’d be surprised how often you find items with store tags still attached at thrift stores. and of course all used clothing at thrift stores is pre-cleaned due to health regulations.

5. supporting non-profit organizations

Thrift stores re-sell donated goods, usually to benefit a charity or non-profit organizations.

6. it’s a modern treasure hunt

if you happen to like treasure hunting like i do, thrift store can be an awesome place to be. yes you might need to go through hundreds of items before you find that one-of-a-kind, fated-to-be yours item, but when you do… it’s all worth it!

of course I’m not telling all of you lovelies to stop buy things brand new… I obviously don’t. but I feel that we can all learn to enjoy thrift store shopping. so next time before you purchase something brand new, consider the option of getting that item second-hand. this way we can all do our part for the environment and save money at the same time. also keep in mind that if you have items you no longer use or wear, donate them instead of just throwing them away! Also check out my Thrfit Store Shopping Tips =)

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