i bought new shoes (woop woop!), this is my second pair of Forever 21 shoes (i REALLY REALLY need to stop buying from them). anyways it took me some effort to finally get these shoes. i first saw them at the new Richmond location (Vancouver currently has two Forever 21 stores, one in Richmond, the other in Burnaby’s Metrotown), but i couldn’t find my size. so i went home and looked on their website, again my size was unavailable. so one day before work i stopped by Metrotown to see if they have them, but they didn’t even carry the style, so i pretty much gave up on them… until my lovely friend Sarah rang me a few days later and said that my size was available online again, so i finally placed an order and the shoes came the next week LOL.

so tell me, have you ever had a hard time hunting down a pair of shoes before?

Sally Seltmann – Harmony to my Heartbeat

(photos by Patty)

knit sweater: Eddie Bauer

white blouse: Zara

shorts: Liz Claiborne

ring & wedges: Forever 21

bag: Vintage

nails: Sally Hansen 10 day Nail Color Plum Pretty

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