black is the color of my curly hair

(photo by patty, makeup and hair by timothy hung)

hey lovelies, i hope you’re having a great weekend =) i’m so behind on posting pictures and other things right now! i have no idea why but i always get so busy towards the end of the year (but then i guess everyone does?). i am plotting some new stuff for this blog though, i hope you will keep an eye out for them!

btw what about you think about my curly hair? =P

Natural brown circle lenses

i’m wearing the same pair of circle lenses from HERE, which are the G&G Natural No.15 Brown. i think the lenses look even more natural under normal outdoor lighting =) if i didn’t say that i was wearing circle lenses you probably couldn’t even tell!

so 4 more days until the Meigo Shop circle lenses giveaway ends! thank you to those who entered the giveaway =) enter if you haven’t already! details on how to enter please visit here: Meigo Shop circle lens giveaway also if you’d like to purchase circle lenses from Meigo Shop, the coupon code for $5 off (ends Dec 15) is WHATANNIEWEARS, more details also HERE

(photos by Patty)

Sugarbebe sweater jacket / tank top bought at Shida night market / River Island bag / shoes from London’s Camden Town / Meigo Shop G&G Natural no. 15 brown circle lenses

DIY easy ribbon necklace

it’s been done thousands of times i’m sure. but i’m seeing ribbons being used on necklaces everywhere and thought i would make my own Marc Jacobs/Chanel inspired ribbon necklace =) it’s super easy and inexpensive to make!

what you’ll need:

ribbon (color/texture of your choice), chain, scissors

i’d like to take this opportunity to welcome What Annie Wears‘ newest sponsor! 9ct Gold Chains is an online store based in the UK. they sell lots of affordable chains and necklaces in both sterling silver and gold. this Price of Wales chain is my favorite! i think it’s really pretty =) here’s the link if you wanna check them out:

now onto the tutorial!

so basically you make a knot to start.

then you waive through the chain.

try it on. stop when you feel you have the length you want.

make another knot in the end. cut the excess ribbon.

tie the two ends of the ribbon then you’re DONE!

(photos by ell)

i hope you enjoyed this tutorial, please “Like” it if you did =)

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