i’m wearing the same pair of circle lenses from HERE, which are the G&G Natural No.15 Brown. i think the lenses look even more natural under normal outdoor lighting =) if i didn’t say that i was wearing circle lenses you probably couldn’t even tell!

so 4 more days until the Meigo Shop circle lenses giveaway ends! thank you to those who entered the giveaway =) enter if you haven’t already! details on how to enter please visit here: Meigo Shop circle lens giveaway also if you’d like to purchase circle lenses from Meigo Shop, the coupon code for $5 off (ends Dec 15) is WHATANNIEWEARS, more details also HERE

(photos by Patty)

Sugarbebe sweater jacket / tank top bought at Shida night market / River Island bag / shoes from London’s Camden Town / Meigo Shop G&G Natural no. 15 brown circle lenses

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