how cute is this koala? i still have a picture of me holding a koala when i visited australia as a kid! if you know me you know i’m a softie for elephants and cute elephant designs, but koala definitely follows closely behind! i received this tee, along with another one, from César and Paul of ZOO UNIFORM, an exclusive brand that’s based around 36 animal faces design. this luxury brand has products ranging from clothes to art pieces, and they give a part of our profits to WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature), which is pretty awesome! i will be showing you the other t-shirt very soon, and there’s also a giveaway coming up, so stay tuned! in the meanwhile check out the cute animal faces over at ZOO UNIFORM =)

The Kinks – Animal Farm

(photos by patty)


shorts: Liz Claiborne

what’s your favorite animal?

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