i’m sure many of you have seen this set already. but for those of you who haven’t, i just wanna share with you this cute Paul & Joe beauty collaboration with Alice in Wonderland. this limited edition set actually came out around february earlier this year. it includes a collector’s tin with a blotting paper case (with an extra set of blotting sheets) and a clear lip treatment stick. this set you see is called daydream 02 in blue.

yep. as you can probably tell, i’m a huge sucker for cute packaging LOL.

before i go i just wanna quickly mention that i got this at Beauty Bar on 4th Ave. in Vancouver. before Sephora came around this place was… imo the best place to shop for beauty products in Vancouver. it is actually still worth checking out now, because they carry quite a few brands you can’t find anywhere else in Vancouver!

Beauty Bar

2142 4th Ave W / Vancouver, BC V6K 1N6 / (604) 733-9000

(photos by Patty)

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