i found this burberry top in the closet the other day. weird thing is that i always thought burberry is too played-out so i know for sure i didn’t purchase this. mom doesn’t believe in brand-names so i know it doesn’t belong to her. well then WTF? how the heck did this top end up in my closet? as much as i think burberry is overrated i really don’t mind this top because it’s really comfortable and sort of casual looking. i wore it with a Cooperative skirt i got from Urban Outfitters and the Killah boots Patty gave me, i think it’s a good mix of summer and fall.

i finally got feedburner set up. so if you happen to use google feedburner you can subscribe to What Annie Wears here: http://feeds.feedburner.com/whatanniewears/feYr

(photos by ell)

Cooperative skirt from Urban Outfitters

Burberry top

Killah ankle boots

Forever 21 ring and bangle

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