hey my sweets!  i’m super thrilled to be showing you this article from my guest blogger, Josephine! so i’m not one to shy away from admitting, i don’t know a whole lot about makeup. so maybe we can all learn a thing or two from this! without further ado, i give you Josephine Pizarro, a self-confessed makeup addict and editor of Your Beauty School.

Clinique Colour Surge Eye Shadow Duo

The Perfect Look To Go With Plum Eye Shadow

While it is sad that summer is at its end, (goodbye warm weather) fall is starting up and it’s that time of year that plum makes it comeback. If any of you are like me, then we all have one love in common: beautiful eye shadow! Eye shadow is a great way to make your eyes appear more youthful and lively. The right combination of eye shadow shade and a great outift can help you stand out in a crowd anywhere you go. However different situations call for different outfits and makeup styles. It’s important to strike an appropriate balance.

Many of us are indoors during the day working in an office setting. While at work, go for a softer plum eye shadow. This shade looks great but is still professional enough to be worn in an office setting. To really make that eye shadow pop, try dressing more conservatively and wearing darker, more muted colors. Charcoal grey is a great choice. You’ll look amazing and still maintain a professional look in the office.

Nighttime is when we really get to have some fun. Try a nice, dark hue of plum for a sexy look. If you want to just go out and have fun, try a pair of spike heels with a pair of skinny jeans along with a black t-shirt and hit the town with your girlfriends. If you’re on a date and you want to dress up a bit, a black dresses or something with a little sparkle is a great option. Personally, I love how I look when I wear a nice grey shiny dress with some dark plum eye shadow. Done right, you can look classy and fierce at the same time!

Don’t be shy, give it a try and see how great you look for your night on the town with the girls or how fierce you look on that first date. Not sure which eye shadow would be good for you? Try using Colour Surge Eye Shadow Duo by Clinique or Yves Saint Laurent’s Ombre Vibration Duo – #39 Velvet Plum/Satin Pink: both are of excellent quality and are must-haves for any makeup addicts like myself!

Stay beautiful everyone!

Yves Saint Laurent Ombre Vibration Duo

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