i’m sure a lot of you know that i have a strange obsession with headbands. you can see me wearing them here, here, and here. i think they are easy to wear and help create fun looks. and guess what? not only do i love wearing headbands, but i also love making them!

here’s what you need: pair of scissors, (left over) yarn or craft cord, a clip

cut 3 pieces of fabric of same length. you can use 3 different colors of fabric, here i’m using one of those mixed color yarn. i also made a head wrap with the same yarn long ago, you can see it here.

secure with a clip

put a knot at the end of hold it together!

start braiding

keep braiding

now try to see if it’s long enough

tie the two ends together and then you’re done! i also made one with the nylon blend craft cord… i actually prefer using yarn because they’re softer therefore easier to work with! and i find that they don’t slide off your head as easily (my hair is too straight), but of course using craft cord gives it a more tailored and dressed up look. you can also add beads or feathers in the process to make it interesting! i like it simple =)

(photos by ell)

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