Casual Use

it’s nice to wear something casual after a few days at work. because i’m a believer of comfort and practicality, i always envy people who work at companies that allow t-shirts and jeans, they’re so lucky! i have another giveaway coming soon, but in the meantime… eat well, think hard, and have yourself a lovely weekend!

(photos by ellu)

Uniqlo tee

Hollister hoodie

River Island satchel

Vince Camuto flats

Vince Camuto

so just a quick post to show you these Vince Camuto flats patty helped me pick out before she left for Asia. also this ring i made with mike’s hard lemonade beer bottle cap =)

now a shameless promotion of my facebook page. lol one of the joys of having your own blog… is that you can do this! anyways, join my facebook page HERE!

hats off to summer

just when i thought summer’s gone, the sun comes out once again! it was so hot today i was sweating as i took these pictures! yep that’s right i took these pictures myself. as you can probably see, the pictures aren’t really turning out well, but bear with me while i improve my skills =P some of you asked if i ended up purchasing anything from the fremont sunday market. sure did! these kick-ass tinted glasses for 6 bucks! they are so amazing i just want to wear them all the time, unfortunately they’re prescribed so i can never wear them for 3 minutes and not feel dizzy!

Rip Curl dress

GUESS denim vest

Miss Sixty bag

Forever 21 cowgirl hat

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