iphone geocaching 地理藏寶

if you’re following me on twitter you might know that i have been looking forward to some geocaching (if you are not following me, you should !). as i promptly tweeted “can’t wait for my first geocache hunt x 4:54 AM Apr 13th via web”. for those of you who don’t already know about geocaching, it is an outdoor activity in which you use a GPS to seek containers, called geocaches, that are hidden all over the world. it’s basically like a modern day treasure hunt! just use the internet to find geocaches around you, then use any sort of GPS-enabled device to locate them. or if you have an iphone, download the free geocaching app. bring a small item to put in the cache, and you can take an item from the cache when you find it! don’t forget to bring someone with you because it might be dangerous. also wear comfortable shoes because you never know where you might end up. so today i went on a geocache hunt!

地理藏寶 geocache

this was easy to find. kudos for the protective color used, geocache hider!

geocache logbook

geocache content and logbook

i took the Dairy Queen butterscotch sundae lip balm, and put in a tiny winny the pooh toy.

geocaching hunt

since the first one was easy to find. we decided to take on another challenge. boy was this one a toughie! the GPS didn’t direct us to the exact location. we walked for about 30 minutes and looked for the cache for another 20! but i was very excited when i found it under the roots of this tree!

地理藏寶盒 geocache container

geocache logbook

there’s a logbook in each cache you should sign!

geocache content

geocache content

superdry plaid shirt

k-swiss skimmer

vintage jeans

(it’s still an outfit blog, i swear!)

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