H&M plaid shirt

this is my first winter spent in taiwan ever since i moved to canada at the age of 14. i must’ve been gone too long i forgot that winters in taiwan aren’t that cold AT ALL. at least compared to the snowy, butt-freezing winters in vancouver! it’s been sunny and warm during the day all week now, though it does get a bit windy and cool at night. I’m in love with beanies so I threw this one on before heading out. It’s great because it keeps my bangs down when the wind hits me. i adore this beanie by raffaello bettini. raffaello bettini is from italy and have been around since 1938! they also make straw and wool hats for hot and cold seasons! all so very very lovely! anyways i think it’s time for a new haircut. what do you reckon?

台中都會公園 Taichung Metropolitan Park

lime green thrfited bag 二手古董包

lime green thrifted vintage bag

H&M 短袖格子襯衫

raffaello bettini beanie 毛線帽

Insight tank dress

raffaello bettini hat 帽子

(photos by ell)

h&m plaid shirt

insight tank dress

raffaello bettini beanie

garage leggings

thrifted handbag

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