bistro 98 聖誕樹

my photographer was away on business. so i thought i’d try my hand at photography too! they turned out to be far more fantabulous than i expected. please do know that i’m using a crappy pink camera. yes it’s pink. go ahead and judge me. anyways, they were taken over the weekend while i was in taipei =)

rabbit rabbit 東區 - christmas 聖誕節

微風廣場 paul smith 聖誕節 christmas

paul smith

sogo 百貨 聖誕節 christmas

sanrio christmas

hang ten - 聖誕節 christmas

hang ten

東區小店 boutique

東區服飾店 聖誕節 christmas

微風廣場 see by chloe 聖誕節 christmas

See by Chloé

福華飯店 christmas 聖誕節

微風廣場 repetto 聖誕節 christmas


微風廣場 juicy couture 聖誕節 christmas

微風廣場 juicy couture 聖誕節 christmas

Juicy Couture

ficce 鞋子 聖誕節 christmas


georg jensen 喬治傑生 christmas 聖誕節

Georg Jensen

東區餐廳 聖誕節 christmas

台北東區餐廳 聖誕節 christmas

微風廣場 LV louis vuitton

Louis Vuitton

sogo 百貨 東區

東區服飾店 聖誕節 christmas

let the festivities begin! happy christmas x

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