so last month i showed you a DIY ring made with mike’s hard lemonade beer bottle cap: Vince and Mike and got a few requests asking for a tutorial. i wasn’t sure if i was up for it because it was so easy to make, almost not worthy of a tutorial! but then i got a couple more beer bottle caps and was going to make a few more rings anyways, so i thought i might as well. what i like about these rings is that not only they are super easy to make, but they also require very few supplies.


beer bottle caps
metal plated adjustable ring
instant krazy glue
pliers for bending the bottle caps (optional)

you can use the pliers to bend the edge of the bottle cap so it doesn’t scratch your skin when you wear it. one other thing you can do is to glue a penny shaped object on the plated ring first, and then glue the bottle cap on the object to create more space between the edge of the ring and your skin. my ring was fine for me, so i’m not doing either one.

Ta-Da! i hope you enjoyed this super easy DIY tutorial x

(photos by ellu)