it’s been awhile since my last DIY post. valentine’s day is right around the corner and i thought it’d be fun to make a very girly bracelet with those pearls and ribbon i have laying around at home. this is super easy to make! i hope you enjoy =)

what you need: scissors, ribbon, a pearl bracelet

my bracelet is from a set i got from Forever 21 (this set here). if you don’t have one already you can make it yourself with an elastic band and some (faux) pearls.

cut a small piece off, not too short, maybe around 4 inches. set it aside.

leaving a little at the end, start flipping the ribbon around until you get it like the above picture (2 loops).

using the piece you cut off earlier, tie a knot around both the ribbon and the pearl bracelet.

adjust the ribbon to make it look nice and pretty. trim off the ends and you have a nice double bow pearl bracelet!

if you have two of those pearl bracelets you can use both and it will look like this…

Have fun =)

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