this is long overdue! i was tagged by Jess from Stylepint to write 7 facts about myself long time ago. i don’t like to talk about personal things here but it’s about time i introduce myself a little more to all my new readers.. and regular readers alike! for my 4 things tag see HERE =)

1. i am a very impatient person. people think that i would be, but i am soooooo not patient. one of my new year resolutions is to be less impatient!

2. as much as i love my clothes, most of the time i wish i could just stay in my PJ’s and bum around at home.

3. every 5 seconds i feel the need to leave Vancouver. not that i don’t love Vancouver, trust me every time i leave i miss Vancouver like crazy. but i just need a change of scene once in awhile.

4. i am deeply and completely attached to my long hair.

5. i’m painfully shy around strangers.

6. i used to dress purely for comfort (okay i still do but not as much as before), like i said i was a plain jane.

7. i used to be addicted to WOW.

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The Weepies – Be my thrill

(photos by Patty)

jacket: Dressup

scarf: Sisley

skirt: made by me!

canvas bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs

booties: Forever 21

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