Halloween in Vancouver is much more than just candies and costumes. there are actually quite a few events worth checking out, and Parade of the Lost Souls is definitely one of them. thousands of people dressed up in all kinds of costumes come to Commercial Drive every year to participate. sad thing is the event was cancelled last year, and apparently this year the event is going to be of much smaller-scale. if you’re interested go to Public Dreams Society for more information.

anyways here are some pictures from two years ago, I’m looking through them for inspiration because I have not figured out what to wear for this year’s Halloween yet =P should i be a pirate, Cleopatra, or Gadget (from Chip and Dale)? what about you? what are you going to be on Halloween?

‘2011 UPDATE

for 2011’s secret” location visit Public Dreams’ website for more details!

2010 Parade of Lost Souls

Saturday, October 30th
Commercial Drive
6pm to 10pm

(photos by Patty)

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