hop hop hopscotch

so these are my first pair of harem pants. i have always wanted a pair but was told that they won’t look good on me. what do you think? these were actually given to my by the lovely people at dressup.tw =) these pants are not too exaggerated, more of a toned-down loose fitting and not too baggy at all. they’re all cotton and super comfortable too! i got a few other things from dressup.tw and will be showing them to you in the near future.

tell me, did you play hopscotch when you were a kid?

“The world’s a playground. You know that when you are a kid, but somewhere along the way everyone forgets it.” – Yes Man

(photos by ell)

harem pants from Dressup / yahoo auction F-DNA top / All Black Oxfords / Forever 21 silver bracelets / braided gold bracelet made by me / vintage Moschino belt

hello autumn!

i found this burberry top in the closet the other day. weird thing is that i always thought burberry is too played-out so i know for sure i didn’t purchase this. mom doesn’t believe in brand-names so i know it doesn’t belong to her. well then WTF? how the heck did this top end up in my closet? as much as i think burberry is overrated i really don’t mind this top because it’s really comfortable and sort of casual looking. i wore it with a Cooperative skirt i got from Urban Outfitters and the Killah boots Patty gave me, i think it’s a good mix of summer and fall.

i finally got feedburner set up. so if you happen to use google feedburner you can subscribe to What Annie Wears here: http://feeds.feedburner.com/whatanniewears/feYr

(photos by ell)

Cooperative skirt from Urban Outfitters

Burberry top

Killah ankle boots

Forever 21 ring and bangle

Adhesif Clothing Company Fashion Show

so i was at the Adhesif fashion show last night to see the fall/winter 2010 collection. it was actually the label’s first solo presentation. Melissa Ferreira, the designer behind the label, uses new and recycled fabrics to create her garments. not only that brings new life into old pieces, but also makes every single piece one of a kind. and you all know how i love the idea of that! =P

tweed blazers, quirky dresses, and vests are all very lovely, but the hair accessories are my absolute favorite!

Jackee Guillou, Vancouver singer and jazz musician

i had the pleasure of meeting and chatting with several fashion bloggers at the show. this is Sandra from middle child marketing =)

Adhesif Clothing Company

2202 Main st.
Vancouver BC
V5T 2C7
(604) 568-4905

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